The mission of the Basque Museum & Cultural Center is to preserve, promote and perpetuate Basque history and culture. The Museum provides a look into the heritage of Basque communities not only in Idaho, but in the American West. It is the home of significant resources for anyone interested in Basque history and culture with collections that include oral history interviews, archive materials, the Joseph V. Eiguren Memorial Library, records, tapes, manuscript materials, and numerous artifacts and photographs. To browse our online collections and the Joseph V. Eiguren Memorial Library, click the box below.


Juanita Uberuaga Hormaechea Scrapbook Collection

With over 100 scrapbooks, the Juanita Uberuaga Hormaechea Collection is a remarkable record of Basque life in Boise and the surrounding area. The scrapbooks contain photographs, newspaper clippings, event programs, holiday cards, and more dating from the early 1910s through the 1990s. To learn more and browse scrapbook samples, click the box below.

From Euzkadi to Idaho: Bonifacio Garmendia Collection

The Bonifacio Garmendia Collection includes photographs of over 200 male immigrants that Bonifacio himself helped immigrate to the United States. This collection was framed in the Basque Center of Boise, transferred to a book for safe keeping. In 2019, the Basque Center donated the book to the Basque Museum & Cultural Center. The whole collection is available to view online, click the box below.

Jaialdi Programs Collection

The Basque Museum, in collaboration with Euzkaldunak (Boise’s Basque Center), has published all of the past Jaialdi programs online for visitors to browse. These are a great resource of Basque history and culture here in North America as well as in the Basque Country. To look through these programs, click the box below.