Language Classes

The Basque Museum & Cultural Center offers adult language classes throughout the year, both online and in-person. Check below for the most current language courses being offered!

To register for a class simply click on the class you wish to participate in below, keeping in mind the level, time, and dates that work best for your level and schedule. You will be directed to purchase the class on the BMCC website and your registration is finalized when the class is purchased. Your will receive confirmation before the course starts via the email you used to purchase the class.

Fall 2021 Regular Courses 

Full Semester: September 20 – December 6, 2021

Mini Course: September 20 – November 8, 2021

Regular Course: $175            Mini Course $100



Minimum 7 Students per class     Maximum 15 Students per class

*If a class doesn’t meet the required minimum registration number by the registration deadline, they will be contacted and given the option of swapping classes or a refund. 

BASQUE MUSEUM MEMBERS: Receive a $50 discount on REGULAR class price! Call 208-343-2671 to receive code or use the link below.  *Does not apply for Mini Course, discount is for FULL SEMESTER only. 

Email to request a discount code via email

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: The Basque Museum is proud to offer a limited number of scholarships to cover course fees. To request a scholarship, please email us at before registration deadline. Course fees help cover the cost of administering classes and paying instructors a fair wage, but we don’t want to limit access to classes because financial barriers. 


Regular Semester, 12 weeks

September 20 – December 6, 2021 

Level 1, Beginner Courses

Level 1: This course is for beginner students with no, or very little, Euskara knowledge or experience. Course is designed around the objective of content based learning with practical skills. 

Learning Outcomes: Students will learn the language with a functional approach with emphasis on communicative competence being able to introduce themselves and others, exchange personal information, describe places and express what they want/have to do while sightseeing/shopping, check timetables of events, ask about/give information about touristic places and express purpose. Students will be given exercises, listening/video watching activities, speaking activities, worksheets and more. 


Level 2, Beginner Course

Level 2:  This course is a continuation of level 1 and it is appropriate for students with basic vocabulary, an understanding of common verbs patterns/expressions for social interaction. This course is designed to foster further communicative competence through speaking and listening practical skills.

 Learning OutcomesStudents will learn how to express past/future actions as well as habits/routines, describe plans through conditional situations, express likes/dislikes among other functional/social skills. Students will be given exercises, listening/video watching activities, speaking activities, worksheets and more.


Level 3, Beginner Course

Level 3 : This course is a follow-up of level 1 and 2 with an emphasis on more complex sentences with a higher level of grammar/lexis. The course is designed to increase  communicative competence through coherence and grammar context based and a functional/situational approach.

Learning Outcomes: Students will learn how to express current activities, conditional situations, what they can/can’t do, give/ask for opinions, interact socially in real life situations through role-playing, listening to/watching native people while doing exercises and practicing oral interactions.


Advanced Course + Conversation

Course Description: This course is for students with a few years of formal Euskara education or comfortable at a basic conversation level. More advanced grammar concepts are taught through practical listening and activities.


Mini Courses

September 20 – November 6

Part 1: Euskal Herria ezagutzen I, Euskara for Travelling to the Basque Country 

Mini Course 1: This course offers you Euskara language skills you would want to have to travel to the Basque Country. Thoughtfully designed, this course introduces a new province each week while focusing on topics that will prove useful on your next visit such as travelling, shopping, ordering in a restaurant, understanding different Euskara dialects/accents.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to communicate effectively with accurate vocabulary/grammar on travelling situations and ask for/exchange information in oral communicative activities. 

Part 2: Euskal Herria ezagutzen II

Mini Course 2:  This course is a continuation of mini course 1. Designed for students who already have the basics of the language (by attending or not mini course 1) this course goes deeper into the basque culture, increasing the linguistic level through real life listening/videos activities. 

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to interact with one of the key aspects of local traditions and go beyond euskara by learning much more than the language itself. Competitions and surveys are included with a special prize for the winner.




Meet the Instructors

Alex Wray 

Alex has studied Euskara for many years and is currently the President of the Oinkari Basque Dancers. This is his second year teaching Euskara online with the BMCC.

Virginia Aramburu

Virginia has many years experience teaching Euskara and joins us from California. Her favorite is teaching children, and her clear explanations and friendly classroom make for a welcoming environment to learn Euskara. This is her second year teaching with the BMCC.

Esther Ciganda

Esther is a veteran teacher with years of language instruction experience. Esther excels at teaching beginner level students and adapting to the online format in the most effective way possible. She joins us all the way from Euskal Herria, and this is her second year teaching with the BMCC.

Sonia Castanon

Sonia is the current Euskara Coordinator for the North American Basque Organization and bring years or Euskara instruction experience to the table. This is her first year teaching with the BMCC and joins us from Salt Lake City, Utah!

Susana Siccardi

Susana is an accomplished curriculum developer and language instructor. Her mini-courses have become widely popular and she approaches Euskara in a content based manner that leaves students feeling accomplished and hungry for more. This is her second set of classes teaching with the BMCC and is joining us all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Julene Larrabe

Julene arrives in Boise to teach at Boiseko Ikastola, and so will have plenty of experience instructing in our community! With many years of teaching experience, she is sure to have a fun and engaging classroom.

Asier Beldarrain 

Asier is our second instructor joining Boiseko Ikastola and also teaching language with the BMCC. This is his first year teaching with the BMCC and we are sure he will have a dynamic classroom!