language classes

Language Classes

NEW!  Summer Course in Euskara!

8 Weeks

offered on Wednesdays or Fridays


June 16/18 – August 4/6 2021 

Designed for Beginners – no experience necessary but welcomed. 

This 8 week course focuses on the Euskara language skills you would want to have to travel to the Basque Country. Thoughtfully designed, this course introduces a new province each week while focuses on topics that will prove useful on your next visit such as travelling, shopping, ordering at restaurants, and understanding different Euskara dialects/accents.  Take a “virtual” trip through the Basque Country while learning about Basque culture and useful Euskara skills.

This course is designed for beginners and no experience is necessary, but those with some Euskara knowledge are still welcome to attend.

This course is capped at 15 participants per class.



Adult Euskara

Adult Euskara classes vary from beginner to advanced, and we welcome all language abilities. Euskara classes also teach about Basque culture, history, and customs, and are a great way to socialize and stay in touch with the Basque community. You do NOT have to be of Basque descent to participate, everyone is welcome. We also welcome non-local students, and are thrilled we can accommodate more students in different locations with the online platform.

This semester will be held ONLINE, mostly by using ZOOM. Please fill out the registration link below so we can properly assess the amount of students we can expect and make sure everyone is placed in the appropriate levels.

Classes are held for 2 hours once a week.

Tuition is $80 for Non-Members, and $65 for Members per semester, and must be paid by the second class.



Children's Euskara

If you would like your child to take Euskara classes, the Basque Museum sponsors children’s Euskara for children 6-12 years old on Tuesday nights 6-7 pm from October to December and again from January to March each year.

Children’s Euskara is on a Temporary Hold. We will be reconsidering in-person Children’s Euskara classes in Fall 2021. If you are interested please email us and we can connect you to an outside instructor.  

For more information or to sign you child up, please call the Basque Museum at 208.343.2671.


If you are interested in Tutoring or additional instruction in Euskara, the Museum is happy to connect you to instructors.



My name is Justin and I’m a self-taught euskaldun (Basque speaker). Although Euskara may seem like a difficult language to learn, it is very possible to become conversational and even reach a level high enough to consume media in Euskara. I’m ready to help in your journey to learn this beautiful and unique language.

Sessions are $19/hr, or $68 for four sessions ($17/hr), with a free 15 minute meet and greet.

If you are interested, send an email to and let me know a day and time when you are available for a phone/video call.