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Education Trunks: Hands-on Experience!

Check out “Foreign Land: My New Life in Idaho” trunk for in-class or at-home learning!

Our traveling trunks are filled with great ways to learn about Basque culture, including dance costumes, musical instruments, an Ikurrinna (Basque flag), sports items, books, CDs, and more. The trunk is great for 4th graders who are learning about Idaho history, and fulfills Idaho Social Studies standards. The trunk has many items that persons of all ages would enjoy.

  • The fee is $25 for a maximum two-week check-out. Fee must be paid by borrower at time of check-out (check or credit card).
  • If the trunk has to be shipped to a location outside Boise, Idaho, all shipping fees are to be paid in advance by the borrower. A valid street address, phone number, email and responsible party fiscal guarantee will be required for this transaction to occur.
  • Borrower assumes full responsibility for replacement costs of damaged or lost items. Am inventory sheet will be completed at both check-out and check-in of education trunk.

To check out a trunk, please complete this form and follow up with a call to the Museum’s education coordinator. HOTLINK check-out form
       *Note: You will need a larger vehicle that can hold this trunk.

Presentations and Special-Focus Courses

Contact the Museum if you wish a staff member to present to your school or organization, either on- or off-site. Do you want to bring your students to the Museum for a focused lesson, such as music or dance or language? Call us to develop a great lesson.

Basque Curriculum: Grades 7 to 12


The Idaho Department of Education conducted an education mission to the Basque Country in 2005 to better support connections between families, communities, educators, and students in the Basque Country and the State of Idaho. One result was the creation of lesson plans that focus on language and social studies for middle ad high school-aged students.

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(HOTLINK – currently on

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

After Your Visit
  • Ask follow-up questions!
  • Encourage independent follow-up visits.
  • Task your students with website searches to further their learning about Basque history, culture, or language.
  • Create an art project from topics learned during your visit, or as an extended study.
  • Please send us emails, drawings, pictures, or essays/papers!
  • Tell your friends and family about our Museum, and then bring them back!
  • Contact us if you have ideas, suggestions, or more questions.