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Field Trips to the Basque Museum

The Basque Museum offers a variety of experiences for teachers and their students to come learn about Basque history and culture. Tours cover Idaho State Standards such as Idaho History, Immigration, and Social Studies subjects.  The museum is also proud to now offer Workshops, exploring topics more in depth with hands on activities. You can find all the information you need to book your tour in the School Tour Request Form below.

To request a school trip to the Basque Museum, please download and email the completed School Tour Request Form to

Field Trip Request Form

If you have any questions, feel free to email us

Basque Market School Lunches

Visiting the Basque Museum?  Allow the Basque Market to provide the flavors and aromas of the Basque Country to enrich your students’ experience. Located just across the street from the Basque Museum, the Basque Market is both a convenient and delicious way to enrich your Basque Block experience.

Young students/Small appetites


1/2 Bocadillo (sandwich)*

2 Croquetas**

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookie

Older students/ Larger appetites


Full Bocadillo (Sandwich)*

3 Croquetas**

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookie


Full Bocadillo (Sandwich)*

Choice of Soup or House Salad

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookie


Chicken, Chorizo and Seafood Paella***

Available only on Wednesdays and Fridays at Noon


*Sandwich choices: Chorizo Pamplona OR Olive Tapenade

**Croquetas will come family style

***Vegetarian paella is available on the first Friday of the month

Please inform the Basque Market of any food allergies


Basque Market

Phone: 208-433-1208


Education Trunks: Hands-on Experience!

Check out “Foreign Land: My New Life in Idaho” trunk for in-class or at-home learning!

This Educational Trunk is full of fun ways to learn about the basque culture through hands on objects and fun activities. This trunk is best suited for 3rd and 4th grade classrooms, but is fun for all ages!

  • The fee is $25 for a maximum two-week check-out. Fee must be paid by borrower at time of check-out (check or credit card).
  • Trunks include a Master copy of our Basque Workbook, which teaches students about various aspects of basque culture through fun activities.
  • Some items include dance costumes, musical instruments, ikurrina (basque flag), books, and more! Trunks come with teacher guidelines and USB of supplemental materials.
  • If the trunk has to be shipped to a location outside Boise, Idaho, all shipping fees are to be paid in advance by the borrower. A valid street address, phone number, email and responsible party fiscal guarantee will be required for this transaction to occur.
  • Borrower assumes full responsibility for replacement costs of damaged or lost items.

To check out a trunk, please arrange with a call to the Museum’s Education Programs Specialist at 208-343-1848. Reservations can also be made by emailing

Classes, Presentations, and Lectures

The Basque Museum hosts educational event for the public on a monthly basis. To see the most updated list of events, visit our EVENTS CALENDAR.

Some of our most common events include:

Book presentations

Academic Lectures


Live or Virtual Cooking Classes

Video content

If you have a topic you would like to learn more about, let us know! 

Presentations and Special-Focus Courses

Contact the Museum if you wish a staff member to present to your school or organization, either “on” or “off-site.” Do you want to bring your students to the Museum for a focused lesson, such as music or dance or language? Do you have a group that would like to learn about a specific topic, such as “how did the Basques come to Idaho?” Call us at 208-343-1848 to develop a great lesson.

Smithsonian Learning Lab

The Basque Museum has a wide range of online resources available for teachers and families to learn more about different subjects about Basque history and culture. These resources are available through the Smithsonian Learning Lab.  Click on the link below to explore what the museum has to offer on subjects such as Basque food, music, and sports.

Smithsonian Learning Lab: Basque Museum Homepage

Smithsonian Learning Lab: Basque Food 

Smithsonian Learning Lab: Basque Music and Dance

Smithsonian Learning Lab: Basque Sports

After Your Visit
  • Ask follow-up questions!
  • Encourage independent follow-up visits.
  • Task your students with website searches to further their learning about Basque history, culture, or language.
  • Create an art project from topics learned during your visit, or as an extended study.
  • Please send us emails, drawings, pictures, or essays/papers!
  • Tell your friends and family about our Museum, and then bring them back!
  • Contact us if you have ideas, suggestions, or more questions.

If you have pictures visiting the Basque Museum or of any special basque projects you have completed, show us by tagging us on facebook or instagram by using @basquemuseum or #basquemuseumboise

We love to see your work!