Group Visits

Partnerships and Collaborations

The Basque Museum & Cultural Center has the unique opportunity to work with neighboring organizations and other Basque institutions both near and far to bring cultural programming to the community.  These relationships have all grown over many years to not only include Basque clubs and other local organizations, but also university and global institutions.  We are very excited to have the ability to work with the organizations listed below to provide presentations, classes and other events to the local community and beyond.

While the Basque Museum is unique in North America, there are many other museums, institutions, content creators, blogs, vlogs, and more that are still relevant to our audience, and vice versa. We are thrilled to showcase material from these institutions and creators in hopes of sharing the love and passion for culture.

If you would like to collaborate in with the Basque Museum, be sure to reach out. From a virtual presentation to working with local seniors, vlog appearances and more, we love to share our knowledge of the Basque culture with our community, near and far.

Institutions and Programs

The Meadows Museum’s vision is to be the leading center in the United States for exhibition, research and education in the arts and culture of Spain.