Group Tours

Group tours are a great way to learn about Basque history and culture. The Basque Museum is able to accommodate adult and youth tour groups with advance notice of at least two weeks prior to your event. Contact us to develop tours and education activities that are specifically tailored to your groups’ needs.
Guide to Planning Your Group Visit:
Reservations are required for all school and tour groups.
Please reserve at least two weeks in advance by calling the Basque Museum & Cultural Center Education Programs Specialist at 208-343-1848.

Number of tour participants:
We want your experience to be meaningful and memorable! Please let us know the number of people you expect to participate in the tour, including tour hosts, extra guides, teachers, and chaperones. This will enable us to staff your visit accordingly.

Chaperones for Youth Tour Groups:
We require at least one chaperone in addition to the teacher or leader for school tours. Chaperones help to make your museum visit a success. After booking a tour, chaperones, teachers, and group leaders will be responsible for ensuring that museum rules are followed by the group.

Length of Visit:
Tours can be arranged from 1 to 1.5 hours. Tours often include the museum, the restored Jacobs-Uberuaga boardinghouse, the Anduiza Fronton (Basque handball court), and the Basque Block. We can also plan hands-on activities if discussed in advance.

Museum Hours:
Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm
Saturday, 11 am to 3 pm

Self-directed visits for groups of 10 or fewer people are encouraged as well, with a standard museum admission fee. Arrangements can be made for after-hours tours at the Museum depending on staffing, previous bookings, other events or activities. Please ask the Education Specialist to discuss options and fees for your needs.

Jacobs-Uberuaga Boardinghouse Guided Tours:
September through May (Saturdays): Guided tours are available Saturdays at Noon and 1:30 pm for small groups (10 or less) without a reservation. June through August (DAILY Tuesday through Friday): Guided tours are available DAILY at Noon and 1:30 pm for small groups (10 or less) without a reservation.

Group Rates:
Contact the museum’s Education Specialist to discuss rates for your group. Fees will be determined based on numbers of people, student or other educational efforts, and times of day for your booking.

Book a Tour Today.
Group Reservations
Museum Rules
Group tours must be confirmed one week in advance by phone or email with the Education Programs staff:, 208-343-2671.
Group Members, Please DO:
  • Ask questions! We encourage everyone to participate.
  • Look, and then LOOK again! You will see new things every time.
  • Enjoy your cultural experience!
After Your Visit:
  • Use the museum website to research vocabulary, history, or educational activities.
  • Create an art project exploring things you saw and learned on your visit.
  • Please send us email, drawings, pictures or essays describing your experience.
  • Tell your friends and family about our exhibits and come again, with them!
  • Contact us if you have ideas, suggestions, or more questions.
  • Notification of cancellations are very much appreciated!
  • Cell phones should not be used in museum gallery or in the boardinghouseouse during any part of the tour.
  • Smoking is prohibited in and around museum property.
  • Photography is not allowed inside the Museum or Boardinghouse.
  • Touching exhibits and artifacts is not allowed. This protects items and ensures everyone can enjoy them
  • Pencils may be used in some circumstances, but no pens or markers are allowed.
  • Please respect rope barriers, display cases, equipment controls – in most cases, please do not touch.
  • Children must be accompanied by adults. Please remind young people that running, yelling or speakign in loud tones, and touching items is not allowed.