basque music of the west

Basque Musicians in the West

Music is a pillar of Basque cultural heritage. Basque immigrants brought their musical traditions from the Old Country to the American West over a hundred years ago. Music remains at the core of the Basque spirit. Basque musical history in the West ranges from the first sheepherders who played their guitars in the hills, to klikas, triki and pandero groups, to the Jimmy Jausoro Orchestra, as well as contemporary bands such as Amuma Says No and the Jean Flesher Band. Musicians also continue to play traditional musical instruments for Basque dancing. The Basque Museum & Cultural Center and its sponsors have launched the “Basque Musicians in the West” research project to honor this musical legacy. This is one way to keep memories alive of those who contributed to the Basque musical traditions of the American West.

Funding provided by The Justo and Angeles Murelaga Fund for the Basque Museum in the Idaho Community Foundation.