Abertzaleak – Patriots: Sacrifice and Honor

(November 2017 – April 2019)

The history of military service in the Basque Country is complex.  Many have served and died for the hope of independence, while others have fought and lost their lives trying to keep Spain intact.  And still more individuals fulfilled their country’s requirements and served Spain or France through military conscription.

America has a long tradition of immigrants serving in the United States military.  Reasons to fight for the US are varied and not all the stories told in the exhibit represented all those who have served.  Basque immigrants and citizens fought alongside other immigrant groups.  While their stories are similar to others who fought for the United States, each is worth remembering and worth honoring.  America is forever indebted to all who have served and are currently serving their country. Throughout this exhibit visitors could read the stories of patriots in the Basque Country and in the US, see the many faces of women and men who served in conflicts during the past century.