Position Open

Do you enjoy working with small children?  Are you organized and ready to lead teachers? Do you want to work with a great group of parents and teachers to help a small preschool grow? Would you like to be part of the only Basque language immersion school in the United States?

We are now accepting resumes for the position of Boiseko Ikastola Director.  Resumes and cover letters need to be sent to info@basquemuseum.eus no later than October 19th at 4pm.  See below for the full job description.


Boiseko Ikastola Director

Position Objective
The Director is responsible for the overall daily management of the Ikastola. This includes management and coordination of staff, daily business needs, parental relations, conflict resolution and some finances. The Director acts as the central liaison between the Ikasola staff and the parents. In addition, the Director establishes goals to meet to further develop the Ikastola towards success.

Minimum Position Qualifications
Requires the ability to plan, investigate, and develop a childcare facility with focus on learning the Basque language. The individual must have exhibited leadership traits and have demonstrated the ability to manage activities in a constructive manner. Being fluent in the Basque language is a plus, but not required. Preferred education is a BA in Early Childhood Education or an equivalent combination of education, experience and language skills.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
Business Management
• Overall daily management of Ikastola
o Follow guidelines for all finances, communication and curriculum
o Make plans for new programs, policies, etc. Listen to ideas from staff and parents and implement whenever possible.
o Review and revise the policies and procedures handbook, as necessary.
o Prepare / maintain forms (i.e. check – in, medication) as necessary.
o Comply with all local, state, and federal laws relating to the center’s operation.
o Attend board meetings of the Basque Museum & Cultural Center when requested, usually quarterly
• Handle requests from parents seeking entry into Ikastola
o Accept / decline registration forms
o Maintain waiting list
o Check alarms, emergency lights, and fire extinguisher monthly
o Staff licensing

Financial management
Work with Basque Museum accounting to establish and maintain an account for each child
o Provide adequate information to BMCC accounting to prepare monthly billing
o Work with BMCC accounting to establish salaries and tax deductions, and year-end tax documents for staff
o Conduct monthly review of reports provided by Museum bookkeeper indicating budget to actual income and expenses to assess the financial status of the Ikastola.
o Review tuition rates and salaries to determine if they are in-line with industry standards.
o Work with the Basque Museum to apply for grants, donations and fundraising activities when necessary
o Work with the Museum’s bookkeeper or Treasurer to prepare a yearly budget.

Staff management
• Assess staffing needs
• Hire staff with assistance from Basque Museum
o Initiate hiring process- give out applications, arrange interviews, communicate salary expectations
o Establish day care staff licenses when hired
o Establish contract of employment, if necessary
o Arrange for living accommodations for foreign instructors.

• Manage staff
o Schedule staff. Set up a fixed schedule
o Arrange for substitute(s) or fill roles of other staff members when there are absences
o Schedule, plan and chair staff meetings, when needed
o Participate in professional organizations and classes
o Participate in parent conferences when necessary

• Develop staff/training
o Assess and provide instructor training as needed to adhere to curriculum
o Assess regular staff training needed
o Fulfill training requirements- such as teacher’s conferences/courses, first aid, CPR.
o Continue professional development through reading and attending pertinent courses, workshops, lectures and conferences

Curriculum development
• Review Ikastola curriculum / degree program as taught in the Basque Country. Ensure instructor meets minimum requirements.
• Review lesson plans to verify age-appropriate and language level instructions.
• Provide study guides / translations, when necessary, to enhance classroom instruction.
• Organize and help with special events such as: Christmas program, etc.
• Plan and arrange for outings such as: visit to the Basque Museum, library, park, etc.
• Organize/make arrangements for continuing education classes for students such as music, readings, dance, yoga, etc.

Communication / Public relations
• Conflict resolution
o Handle complaints about staff from parents. Make final decisions and talk with staff person when it is necessary for their employment to end.
o Maintain rapport with parents and children.
o Be available to parents, whether at work or at home, when parents have questions or problems.
o Handle discipline problems of staff and children.
• Create demand for kids. Make it a goal to always be at capacity through the use of newsletters, word-of-mouth, advertising, etc.
• Provide bilingual services, when needed.
• Publish a monthly newsletter, to review issues, give highlights of upcoming events, etc.
• Provide a monthly report of Ikastola to Executive Director.
• Work with Ikastola PAC to assist in communication, fill needs, etc.

• Plan daily (morning and afternoon) snack list. Provide wholesome, healthy food.
• Grocery shopping each week for food and supplies, such as classroom supplies, cleaning supplies, equipment, toys, etc. also order from catalogs or by phone.
• Oversee cleaning of rooms. Hire cleaning staff, if necessary. Maintain and / or purchase equipment as needed.