Diaspora Day

Celebrate Basque Diaspora Day with us on September 8!

What is Diaspora Day? It is an annual event in which we celebrate the Basques and Basque culture outside the Basque Country. There are so many Basques around the world, we want to celebrate their accomplishments and continued efforts to perpetuate Basque culture for further generations! Why September 8? Well, glad you asked. September 8, 1522 was when Juan Sebastian Elcano finished Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe. Quite fitting since we are celebrating other Basques that have made their way to various locations around the world, established a family and community, and continue to share Basque culture!

Now, we want to know your story! You can click the link below and put a pin where your family is located and tell us your immigration story. How did your Basque roots get from the Basque Country to where you are today? We will share some stories later this month, so share, share, share!


Below, you will also find a super cute video done by the Basque Government to promote this year’s Diaspora Day. They are asking you to share as well on social media how you celebrate your Basqueness. Upload a video or photo to your social media and use the hashtag #EuskoChallenge

Celebrate with us!