Running of the Bars 2024

Join us on the Basque Block July 13 for Running of the Bars 5-10pm!

A Pub Crawl, San Fermin-Style! Get out your white pants and shirt, and grab that red scarf & belt (gerriko)! We look forward to having a kalimotxo (or whatever your drink of choice) with you!


What is Running of the Bars?

ROTB is a pub crawl in downtown Boise that starts on the Basque Block, includes bars like the Basque Center, Leku Ona, Grainey’s, Cactus, Whiskey Bar, & Silly Birch. Participants can take part in a special activity at each bar (shearing sheep, roping a bull, carrying weights, trivia, etc.), have a beverage or two with your friends, and then join us back on the Basque Block for dancing, food and more drinks! OH! AND it’s a fundraiser for the Basque Museum & its educational programs!


How do I Sign Up?

There are two ways!

  1. If you would like to go all-out and really get into the fun, we are partnering with Bonfire to help! Click the Bonfire link below and pick a shirt. Once you checkout, your event ticket(not an actual ticket, your name will be on the check-in list), cup, drink and food (chorizo or tortilla) is included. If you sign up by June 23, your shirt will be delivered to you before the event. You can still sign up and get a shirt until July 12, you just may not get the shirt on time.
  2. If you want to participate but don’t want to get a shirt (it’s a cool shirt, but sometimes we get it – one more shirt is too many), you can click the Museum link below and purchase your Running of the Bars ticket (still not a physical ticket, but your name will be on the check-in list). Your purchase includes the event, cup, drink, and food (just no shirt).


Pretty easy, but call the Museum at 208-343-2671 or e-mail if you have any questions!


What is the Cost?

The cost via Bonfire is $45 per person and includes a shirt, cup, drink & food (chorizo or tortilla); and the cost without the shirt (through the Museum link) is $25 and includes everything except the shirt.

What do I Get When I Sign Up?

Again, it depends on how you sign up, but everyone will get a cup, drink, food (chorizo or tortilla) and access to all the event fun like the bar games and drink specials. The only difference is if you want a shirt or not. Up to you. It is a fundraiser for the Museum so we make a little off the shirt sign ups as well as the non-shirt sign ups.

You can also purchase a Running of the Bars neck scarf (pañuelo) and other items at the event, only if you want.

What if I Don’t Want to Do the Pub Crawl?

That is okay! You can still sign up and hang on the Basque Block while others run to the bars. There will be some live music and other things happening on the Block to keep you busy! (cost is still the same)

Tell Me More!

This fun for all (21+ of course) event is a great opportunity to get downtown, enjoy some great food and music, and support the Basque Museum & Cultural Center, the only of its kind outside the Basque Country!

Tentative Schedule

5pm – Event Start – Check in, get your goodies (your shirt will be shipped to you, but the other goodies will be at check-in), and start heading to the bars!

Other info is still being confirmed like how much our band will be playing music, etc.

8:30pm – Raffle drawing (for those that participated & finished the pub crawl)





Participating Bars