Basque Mural Restoration

About the Mural

In 2000, the Letterheads, an international group of sign painters, created the Basque Mural for the City of Boise. Lead muralist Bill Hueg designed the piece in collaboration with local sign artist Noel Weber, and Yanke’s Machine Shop donated the panels the mural was painted on. The mural is a focal point of Basque heritage in Boise, and it is has been a part of the Boise City Department of Arts and History’s Public Arts Collection.

The average lifespan of a mural is about 10 years, and touch-ups have extended our mural’s life, but time is running out. The image is warped and faded, and the City decided to deaccession the mural from its collection in January. Before doing so, they committed funds for the original artist to recreate the image in a smaller format so it can be displayed in a public building. An image of the newly-created artwork will then be reproduced as an overlay on the original mural. Bill Hueg has just finished the new painting!

The mural includes such great symbolism representing important elements from the homeland: the baserri, or family home; a ship crossing the ocean representing early Basque explorers; a portion of the “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso. Images from the New World include the Uberuaga/Aguirre Star Rooming House (one of Boise’s earliest boardinghouses), St. John’s Cathedral, the Oinkari Basque Dancers, a sheepcamp with sheep in the Boise foothills, and images of individuals who gave their time preserving dance (Juanita Uberuaga Hormaechea), music (Jim Jausoro), and sports (Jose Luis Arrieta). All can be found in this 48-foot-long tribute to the Basques and the contributions they’ve made internationally and locally.
The mural is a gateway to the Basque Block, highly visible on Capitol Boulevard … and it’s now in the hands of the Basque Museum & Cultural Center. We want to bring it back to its original grandeur — a source of pride for the Basque community and the City of Boise!

Mural Restoration

Word went out in the Museum’s March newsletter more than 50 individuals, families, or businesses replied with generous $100 or more contributions to go toward the restoration of the mural. (See reverse for a list of current contributors).
We need at least 100 individuals, families, or businesses to commit $100 to complete this project. The first 100 individuals, families, and/or businesses to contribute $100 will be recognized as donors on the Basque Museum’s website.

And don’t forget — contributions to the Basque Museum & Cultural Center are eligible for Idaho State Tax Credit and are tax-deductible!

To contribute, please go to or mail to:
Basque Museum & Cultural Center, 611 Grove Street, Boise, ID 83702.
Please write Basque Mural in the memo line to direct the funds appropriately.
Also, please include a note, indicating:

1. Name as you would like it to appear for recognition _____________________________________

2. In Memory of (name) or In Honor of (name) ___________________________________________

3. I prefer my donation to be anonymous. ___________________


Currently being updated… check back momentarily…

Our sincere thanks to the following individuals/families who have already stepped forward to restore the mural and allow it to remain as an important symbol of Basques to the citizens of and visitors to Boise.

Anonymous Donors
David & Joanna Aizpitarte
Phil and Linda Aldape – in memory of Joe and Flora Aldape
Juliana Jausoro Aldape & Robbie Lou Jausoro Gary – in memory of Lydia Sillonis & Louis Jausoro
Regina Bastida Aldecoa – in memory of Fermin Aldecoa
Chris & Miren Anton – in memory of Elisa & Lou Aldecoa
Sam & Rene Arana – in memory of Barbara & Dick Jayo
Sam & Rene Arana – in memory of Rose & Cornelio Totoricaguena
Larry & Karen Arguinchona – in honor of Hilario & Laura Arguinchona
Jon & Maria Arrieta – in memory of Jose Luis Arrieta
Josune Arrieta – in memory of Jose Luis Arrieta
Martin and Maryann Uberuaga Artis – in memory of Joseph Henry Uberuaga
Jan Anchustegui Barayasara & Rosita Anchustegui Skoro – in memory of Eusebio, Jessie & Alex Anchustegui
Gary Bermensolo & Joanne Thompson
Toni Berria – in memory of Frank and Juanita Berria and Pete Barinaga
Toni Bicandi
Mary Bieter – in memory of Pat & Eloise Bieter
Albert & Juanita Bilbao – in memory of Mike, Marie & David Zubizarreta, Alberto Folks, Sabino Bilbao, & Eustaquia Ojinaga
Carlos & Nancy Bilbao
Kirk & Laurie Simplot Braun – in memory of our loving father, Richard R. Simplot
Freda Cenarrusa – in memory of Pete Cenarrusa
Dolores Hormaechea Chapman
M. Inez Elguezabal Colburn – in memory of Gordon Colburn
Tammie Colburn – in memory of Gordon Colburn
The Arrubarrena – Colburn Family-in memory of Tony Arrubarrena and Gordon D Colburn
Jack & Belinda Cortabitarte
The Family of Bryan & Marie Day and Anita Jausoro – in memory of Jim & Isabel Jausoro
Kirk & Carol Dennis – in memory of Robert & Lydia Mendiola
Melissa Dodworth – in memory of Wendy Bauer
Leigh Ann and Sean Dufurrena and Josephine Reeves – in memory of Honorine Pedroli
Luise Guisasola Echevarria – in memory of Louie Echevarria and Marie Mingo Guisasola Aberasturi
Christy Echevarria and Tim Mitchell
Dave & Jeannie Eiguren – in memory of Txomin & Avelina Eiguren
Dave & Jeannie Eiguren – in memory of Joe & Flora Aldape
Linda Odiaga Emry – in memory of John & Isabel Odiaga
Epi’s-A Basque Restaurant – in memory of David and Epifania Inchausti and Santiago and Gregoria Ansotegui
Al Erquiaga – in memory of Tom & Anita Erquiaga
B. Hyatt and Belen Erstad
Mike & Sharon Florence – in memory of Carl W. Goicoechea
Steve and Suzanne Marie Fowles-Uberuaga-in memory of Phil and Marie Uberuaga
Kyle and Shanna Gandiaga
Gandiaga Family – in memory of Henry Gandiaga
Jeffery Garatea – in memory of Pio & Francisca Garatea and Carmelo & Norma Garatea
Annie Gavica – in memory of Annie Laca and Fermin & Jean Gavica
Richard & Susan Gavica and Family
Gerry Family – in memory of Carl Goicoechea
Coro and Enrique Goitiandia
Dennis & Vicki Gribble and Karen & Linda House – in memory of Don & Louise House
Adriana Arregui Groff – in memory of Ed Groff
Michael A. & Vicki Guerry – in memory of Mauricio Guerry, Sr. & Maurice Guerry, Jr.
Greg Hahn & Julie Sarasqueta Hahn
Arlene Salkow and Jourdan Harris – in memory of Begoña Orue Salkow
Joel & Marianne Hickman – in memory of Smilie & Virginia Anderson
Alex and Placida Homaechevarria – in honor of Ron Yanke





Dave and Bonnie Kerns – in honor of Domingo & Dorothy Ansotegui
Colleen Bermensolo Kranz – in memory of Richard Bermensolo & Michael Bermensolo
Dave & Patti Lachiondo
Juanita and Michael Lalli – in memory of Francisco & Gladys Abadia
Celeste Landa – in memory of Clara Eguilior
Nick & Jan Larrea – in memory of Jose Ramon Legarreta
Ray Larrondo
Meggan Laxalt – in memory of Peter Dominique Laxalt, Stephen Dominique Laxalt & Paul Michel Laxalt
Lequerica Krakau Families
Lezamiz Family – in memory of Ciriaco Lezamiz & Lucia Arrien Lezamiz
Julie and Mark Lliteras
Kevin Loveless, Global Travel
Jerry Loyd – in honor of Al Erquiaga
Janice Mainvil
Jeremy Malone & Ana Mendiola – in honor of all those who came before us.
Mary & Tim Maxam – in memory of John & Miren Aldape
Dave Navarro and John McCrostie
George & Carol Mendiola
Patty Miller – in honor of Jo Lecona and Tom Miller
Josephine Lecona Miller – in memory of Thomas A. Miller and in honor of Ted & Felisa Elorrieta Lecona
Alan & Julie Moore – in memory of Justo & Julie Yzaguirre
Frank & Mary Muguira Jr. – in memory of Frank & Mary Muguira
Phil & Anita Murelaga – in memory of Justo & Angeles Murelaga and Felipe & Maria Josefa Aldape
In memory of Pedro & Marie Echevarria and John & Victoria Barrutia
Inez Navarro – in honor of Dick and Inez Navarro
Louis & Nora Olaso – in memory of Silver Olaso
Jack Olson – in memory of Alice Erquiaga
Ed and Peggy Orbea
Robert & Rochelle Oxarango – in memory of Marie Garmendia Adams
Bernie & Pat Rakozy
Nina M. Ray
Phil and Marilyn Sarasqueta
Gary Sawyer and Tanya Laucirica
Marianne Schaffeld
Cindy Schaffeld – in honor of Cody & Colista Rodriguez Enrico and Amaia Enrico
Cindy Schaffeld – in memory of Frances Schaffeld Uberuaga and the Belaustegui Family
Zumalacarregui Siblings – in memory of Maria Julia Zumalacarregui Lorenzo
Adelia Garro Simplot – in memory of Ed & Grace Garro
Wally & Mary Clagett Smith – in honor of Patty A. Miller
Norma Stevlingson
Sandra Sullivan – in memory of Savino Uberuaga
Carolyn Terteling – in honor of Patty and Jo Miller (my two dear friends)
William & Patricia Thompson-Uberuaga – in memory of Felipa Uberuaga Guarrochena
Carmen Totorica-Griggs – in memory of Leandro Totorica
Phil & Paunee Uberuaga – in memory of Tia Juanita “Jay” Uberuaga Hormaechea
Fred and Sue Uranga – in memory of Richard Uranga
Josh Uriarte and Itxaso Cayero
Isana Urquidi – in honor of Domingo and Dorothy Ansotegui
Gina Urquidi – for Joe and Gina Urquidi
Gina Urquidi -for Itxaso, Olaia, and Isana Urquidi
In memory of Florencio & Bernie Aldape
Lynette Williams and Derek Johnson – in memory of Luciana Garatea Aboitiz
Rosalina Garatea Williams – in memory of Luciana Aboitiz Garatea
M. Begona Ysursa
Thomas Zabala
Lino & Begone Zabala – in memory of Joaquin & Trinidad Rementeria
Stan & Patti Zatica – in memory of Paulino & Jean Zatica