Making Mortzilla

(January 17-March 30, 2019)

Every year, Boise’s Basque Block is overcome with the savory smell of cooking Basque mortzilla sausages. In an audio and photo exhibit at The Basque Museum & Cultural Center, Boise City Department of Arts and History grant recipients, Olivia Weitz and Arlie Sommer, provide a behind the scenes look at what goes into making this traditional sausage in Boise.

This project profiles six sausage makers, each contributing a unique role in the process, including harvesting leeks, mixing the sausage filling, and stuffing and tying links—highlighting the way the Basque community in Boise continues food traditions.

Walk through the audio and photo exhibit, open during museum hours Wednesday – Saturday until March 30.

This project is sponsored by the Boise City Department of Arts & History in collaboration with Euzkaldunak, Inc. and the Basque Museum & Cultural Center.



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