Frank Goitia's Memories of Boise: a Basque Boardinghouse

July 2022 – Present

Born to Francisco “Frank/Patxi” and Ana (Gabiola) Goitia in 1947, Goitia has always drawn artistic inspiration from those in his life. Growing up at the Royal Hotel – just two blocks north of the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, where Boise’s City Hall stands today – Goitia’s upbringing was different than the rest of his friend’s. Downtown was his playground, with frequent visits to Julia Davis Park, Capitol Park, the Depot, and the Ada Theatre. He also got an intimate look into the lives of the immigrant boarders who stayed at The Royal. In fact, the boarders were some of his first commissioners – as a boy, they paid him to paint images of their hometowns. It was not until Frank attended Boise State College, where he graduated with a degree in Ad Design, that he found his artistic calling. After a professor told him to always, “paint what you know,” Frank’s work has been dedicated to memorializing his Basque culture, the unique experience of growing up in a boardinghouse, and the downtown community in which he was raised. In Memories of Boise: A Basque Boardinghouse, we invite you to view the culmination of Frank’s work, and glimpse into the memories, people, and places that helped shape his life.