Conversation II


Fridays 6-8 PM MST


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Conversation II

June 10 – July 29

Course Description:

Do you want to have the chance to interact orally with people from other nationalities in Euskara? Have you ever had the opportunity to speak in Euskara with an Euskaldun? This course is designed to make a detailed revision of topics learnt in other courses and to foster communicative competence and fluency in Euskara while meeting people from other countries and also being able to interact with native speakers of the language.

There are 2 levels: Conversation 1 is designed for students who have the basics of the language and want to put it into practice in real-life interactions. Conversation 2 is for students who have a background knowledge of Euskara and are able to give personal information, describe the place where they live, talk about routines, future and past actions, and want to exchange information and share experiences with people from different places through Euskara. Join us and experience building a bridge through Euskara with other nationalities!



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